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To live the life of a MythicMan is to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. This is the crux of a meaningful life.

The main idea behind the Mythic Man, is the fact that we live in an unprecedented time in human history. Thanks to the internet, we have access to the largest collection of ancient sacred texts and traditions that has ever been accessed by mankind before.

The greatest minds that have ever walked the earth left trails behind them ready for the truth seeker to tread.  This availability provides us with the incredible opportunity to explore the depths of human understanding, compile the wisdom, and integrate it into our very own lives.

Even more exciting are the recent discoveries and current endeavors of modern science when viewed in comparison to the ancient wisdom traditions. With astounding similarity, the words of ancient mystics parallel the most profound insights of modern scientists.

Within the same venture of discovering the secrets of the universe, the ancients use the technology of self-reflection, whereas modern scientists use ever-advancing technology and the scientific method.

The word Mythic, as used in this context, is in stark contrast to the perhaps more commonly viewed definition of “myth” as being a falsehood. Confronting the same dilemma that renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell faced in his long career is the long-standing notion that the world myths are equivalent to fiction and fairytales. Nothing is further from the truth.

Whereas science fiction and fairytale writers make their profession from intentionally melding and blending the lines of reality and fantasy, the ancient writers of myth first searched for the wisdom of man in the universe and then sought to teach their profound truths through allegory and symbols.

The resulting myth stories, on the superficial level, resemble those of merely made up fantasy stories. However, the intentionality and most sincere benevolence behind the myth stories imbue the symbols with a power that speaks directly to the soul of man.

In a similar manner as Joseph Campbell whose career is characterized by comparing the world mythologies into a “Monomyth”, I seek to compile the world’s spiritual traditions into a practical sort of globally unified spirituality of modern times that can be found useful for anyone willing to seek the truth of themselves.

Of course, many have pursued this same vision, and in the air of cooperation, I will look to their integrated systems for inspiration as well.

Therefore, in a vision that includes every man and woman living today as the hero of their own myth – as the sole proprietor of their own spiritual impulse – I propose that now is the time for educated spiritual growth free from doctrine and dogma separating us from our common birthright.

I furthermore wish that the term Mythic Man immediately reminds you that you face all the challenges of the myth stories, possess all the power to overcome obstacles and that you have the awe-inspiring privilege of being a cooperative agent in the very fabric of reality.

Each and every one of us – man, woman, and child – has the supreme opportunity to be part of existence, to be creators on planet Earth, and live life with equal magnificence and dignity of the greatest spiritual masters and of the honorable heroes of the world’s myths.

In this blog, I will explore various traditions and endeavor to extract relevant truths for the sake of identifying a common thread among the various philosophical traditions of mankind. I will interview other people on the “path” who can provide insight into unraveling this common thread that will always try to provide a practical nugget of truth for your own practice and spiritual growth.

I wish you will find these conversations intellectually stimulating and spiritually nurturing. At a minimum, if all these conversations amount to one person taking the next step on their own journey of inner awareness, then I have done my job.

The larger vision is to create a culture of inter-religious dialogue, a socially acceptable avenue for spiritual pursuits, and a global replacement of sectarian religious groups in place of a unified cooperative appeal for the transformation of every human being in a space of camaraderie and solidarity.

This blog hopes to indicate a path of action for the reader; though illumination itself must always be a silent individual pursuit. Just as the students of the ancient mystery schools spent 5 to 10 years before any esoteric secrets were ever divulged, I am in this quest for the long-haul.

 I wish you profound peace on your journey.

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